Herrernes Europæiske SuperCup går nu ind i den afgørende fase og der er stadig to danske hold med: Bulls og Hurricanes. Du kan følge med live via links længere nede.

European Super Cup Men takes place in Azzano, Staranzano, Castions delle Mura and Cervignano, Italy,  August 29 – September 3. Men’s Super Cup is the absolutely highest-level men’s fastpitch tournament in Europe, where there are not only the best European players, but also some of the top fastpitch players from Argentina, Australia, Mexico, New Zealand, USA and Venezuela

For specific games click the following links below:


11:00 – CZE 23 (CZE) vs Tempo (CZE): http://www.playo.tv/video/Double-elimination-match-1988.aspx
13:00 – Pro Roma (ITA) vs Brasschaat Braves (BEL) – Super Cup bracket Semifinal 1: http://www.playo.tv/video/Double-elimination-match-2412.aspx
15:00 – Spectrum (CZE) vs ???: http://www.playo.tv/video/Double-elimination-match-2413.aspx
17:00 – Hurricanes (DEN) vs ???: http://www.playo.tv/video/Double-elimination-match-2414.aspx
20:00 – Super Cup bracket Quarterfinal: http://www.playo.tv/video/Double-elimination-match-2415.aspx

12:00 – ESF bracket Semifinal 2: http://www.playo.tv/video/Play-off-ESF-Cup-2416.aspx
14:30 – Super Cup bracket Semifinal 2: http://www.playo.tv/video/Play-off-Super-Cup-2418.aspx
17:00 – ESF bracket Final: http://www.playo.tv/video/Play-off-ESF-Cup-2417.aspx
20:00 – Super Cup bracket Final: http://www.playo.tv/video/Play-off-Super-Cup-2419.aspx