About the Danish Softball Federation

The Danish Softball Federation was formed in 1978. Our history is very similar to other special federations in the respect that the sport was brought to the country by foreigners who lived or worked in Denmark.

In 1987, almost ten years after its founding, DSoF joined DIF together with the Danish Baseball Federation. Therefore, two close yet different sports were combined administratively under the same federation, DBaSoF.

That remained the case until 2008, when international baseball and softball federations demanded segregation to better promote the sports separately. Unfortunately, there were not enough members in DBaF alone and therefore today, only the Danish Softball Federation is a member of DIF.

Member history

The largest period in Danish Softball's history, in terms of membership, was the mid-80s. At that time there were more than 30 clubs and over 2000 members, whereas today there are 15 clubs representing a total of over 900 members.

Vision og mission
The Danish Softball Federation is there for its members and works to promote the sport in Denmark.

Softballs Strategy 2018-2022
Here you will find agreement and status documents in relation to our strategy agreement with DIF for the period 2081-2022 (in Danish)

Overall Strategy Document

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